Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL new year!  I'm so sorry for my lack of activity here in blogland, but if any of you read my 11 in '11 post, you might have noticed some things about me.  I mentioned that I'm a newlywed, I live in a new city, recently switched jobs, and bought a house all within 2011.  What I didn't mention, however, is that my new house is new by only 6 days!!!!!!!  That means Mr. Hubs and I (along with my wonderful parents) have been painting day and night for the past week!  

 Mr. Hubs and me painting on New Year's Eve!!

While I've been elbow deep in paint, SEVEN wonderful bloggy friends have nominated me for the Versatile blogger award!!  Wowzers, I was shocked!!!  I promise I'm not ignoring all of these wonderful nominations, I have just been *slightly* distracted! I will be doing my official Versatile Blogger Award post soon, but a quick thanks to Ms. McBee's Kinder Bugs, Mrs. Greene's Kindergarten Korner, Sharing Kindergarten, A Teacher's Bag of Tricks, The Littlest Scholar, Kinder Kiddo, and Teaching With Sight!!  You all are too sweet!! 

If you are still looking for snowman, snowflake, and winter math activities for the next few weeks, go check out my Winter Math Packet over at my TpT store!  Check back soon for more fun freebies and ideas!!! 

Love, Sara :)


  1. Congrats on your new home. Love the picture. It will bring back wonderful memories years from now!

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  2. Best Wishes to you on your new house.....what an exciting time....I remember those years......years ago.....have fun and enjoy every minute.

    Sue :)

  3. Happy New Year & congrats!! I was elbow deep in paint only a few months ago :) We have so much in common it's scary!! Haha

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. I have been elbow deep in paint too! Oh what fun!!!! Congrats on you new home!
    Ms. McBee’s Kinderbugs

  5. Congratulations on so many "newbies" and for embracing them....I would be freaking out!

    I posted about my TPRI *freebies* last night if you want to come over and grab them! I know we start giving it next week! =)

    Heather's Heart

  6. loving how you spent your new years! lol...How did the kitchen cabinets come out? :)
    The Teachers’ Cauldron